This list is an collection of all the mods which can be loaded via the internal mod api. It only includes mods which are easily usable and have some use for a standart user. More complex tools will be covered in a seperate page.

Steam Workshop and Klei Forums

We currently have 2 main distribution places, the Klei Forums and the Steam Workshop. Both have there advantages and disadvantages, but as a rule you can say that most of the time, the steam workshop has the most current version. Since not everyone uses the steam version, you can use the "Steam Workshop Downloader" to download them.



Name Author Short description Steam Workshop Klei Forum
Agent Mods Combo Shirsh Includes 4 custom agents as well as several tweaks. SW KF
Agent Mods Combo (Ru) Shirsh The russian version of the above mod. SW KF
Cover overlay for the Agent Mods Combo Shirsh Makes the custom agents of Shirsh's Mod Combo easier to see when they hide behind cover. SW KF
Rescueable Archive Agents Shogal Allows you to rescue archive agents in Detention Centers, and choose which agents will appear there. SW KF
Flavorful Agents puppetsquid Changes items and augments of agents whose descriptions did not really match with there loadouts. SW KF
AGENTS Cohesion Tweaks SteelCrow Replaces several of the agents augments. SW KF
Talon Recruitment (Overwatch Agents) puppetsquid Adds Sombra and Widowmaker as playable agents into the game. SW KF
Age of Lever wodzu_93 Adds several of the characters and items from the TV show "Leverage". Still WIP SW -


Name Author Short description Steam Workshop Klei Forum
Advanced Guard Protocol cyberboy2000 This mod adds several new guards with new tricks up there sleeve. Refer to the pages for additional informations. SW KF

Items and Augments

Name Author Short description Steam Workshop Klei Forum
New Items and Augments Nerava and wodzu_93 This mod adds, like the name suggests, new items and augments, and improves some of the existing ones. SW KF
ITEMS New and Edited SteelCrow Its is everything the name implies. SW KF
Custom Augments Mod Colonel_S Replaces the augments Decker and Shalem start with. SW -
Spartan Boots Bosak Adds an augment which allows you to break doors. SW -


Name Author Short description Steam Workshop Klei Forums
Programs Extended wodzu_93 Adds new programs, as well as new daemons and other mechancis. It requires an additional mod. SW KF


Name Author Short description Steam Workshop Klei Forums
Instant Grenades Shirsh Makes the support gurads way more dangerous. SW KF
UI Tweaks osheroff Adds a lot of options to improve the UI. SW KF
API Example Mod Jason A mod showcasing some of the mod api features and includes an document detailing the usage. SW KF
Selective Memory/Level Select Zetty Allows you to input seeds and options to manipulate the level generation. SW KF
Generation Options + Cyberboy2000 Adds new options when generating a new run. Needs an additional mod. SW KF
No Dialogues antag99 Removes Voice-Over and the pop up texts. SW -
Selectable guards Cyberboy2000 Allows you to click on a guard and see his portrait. SW KF

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