The new version of Flavorful Agents changes a lot of content and core mechanics, so here's a quick overview.


Skills now have far more effect on how your agents operate and how you'll build them.


Skills' costs are now uniform, with the second level costing significantly more than before.

level 1

level 2

level 3

level 4

level 5

Cost Free 700c 550c 650c 900c

Skill Abilities

Each skill has an ability tied to it, which Agents unlock at level 2.





Stats Action Points Console PWR Inventory + Throw Dist Credit Steal + Equip Speed
Ability Observe Guard Disable Security Ranged Trade Pickpocket
Bonuses +1 Sprint at 5 +1 PWR at 5 +.5 Drag at 2 & 4 Extra items at 5

Ability Notes

  • Observe Guard now requires trespass 2 and line of sight with the agent using it, but any agent can use observe through cameras or drones if next to an owned console
  • Disable Security can be used from captured consoles to EMP Cameras/Soundbugs for 2 turns
  • Throwing Distance now starts at 3 tiles (making thrown weapons medium-ranged)
  • Ranged Trade is one-way - items can move from the user to the target, but items the target is holding are locked to them until the end of trade - and increases in distance along with throw distance


Equipping items now requires 2AP, although this cost can be reduced with Larceny

Items can also be unequipped - using a Console now requires the agent does not have a ranged weapon equipped.


Stims have also been changed so that they can be used by more agents, but later in the game.

Name Stims 1 Stims 2 Stims 3
Ability Restores 4 AP Restores 6 AP Restores 8AP + 1 Attack
Requirements Any Skill at 3rd level Any Skill at 4th level Any Skill at 5th level

Agent changes

Changes are marked in bold

Minor Changes

Both Central and Monst3r have been updated to make the most advantage of the new skill system


  • Skills: Trespass 2, Larceny 2 (Observe, Pickpocket)
  • When obtained via final mission: Trespass 3, Larceny 2


  • Skills: Hacking 2, Smugglery 2 (Disable Security, Ranged Trade)
  • When obtained via final mission: Hacking 2, Smugglery 3

Major Changes

I've tried to summarize the info given about agents in the game and make their gameplay match my expectations of them.


Nostalgic Techno-Gumshoe, former security chief.

  • Skills: Trespass 2 (observe)
  • Augment: Orders an idle guard to patrol key items, ending at the objective. One use per mission.
  • Weapon: Disruptor 1 (unchanged), Gadget: Custom Cloaking Rig

Decker (Archive)

Reckless Antique-Upgrader, makes ludicrously expensive modifications.

  • Skills: None
  • Augment: +2 AP when sighted
  • Weapon 1: Custom Revolver. 6 Shots, no reload, ignores armor, disables shields and heart monitors
  • Weapon 2: Knuckle Disruptors: Kos till end of round, ignores KO buffs, tags guards


Ex-Airborne Scout, great all-round agent but hindered by pacifism

  • Skills: Larceny 2 (pickpocket)
  • Augment: 6 tile mainframe scan, can identify daemons with LOS. Prevents use of damaging weapons; override with stims.
  • Weapon: none
  • Gadget: Shock Stims, +4AP, 7Cooldown, Requires any skill at level 2

Shalem 11

Hired Assassin, stalks targets and covers his tracks.

  • Skills: Smugglery 2 (ranged trade)
  • Augment 1: +1 pierce on ranged overwatch, can add a custom (non tracking) tag to a single guard which disables normal/advanced heart monitors on overwatch (3/6 PWR)
  • Augment 2: Hide and halve cleanup cost of a corpse by stowing it in a safe
  • Weapon: Rifle, 1 pierce, 2 ammo

Archive Shalem

Trained Combat-Medic, loves to help almost as much as he loves to kill

  • Skills: none
  • Augment: Revive ally, requires and uses attack and fullAp, 10 cooldown. Regain 1 ammo to any held weapons between missions.
  • Weapon: Service Rifle, 3 Ammo. Once used it can continue attacking until the end of turn or out of ammo. Requires reset between uses (counts as attack)
  • Gadget: Snap-Grenade belt, 2 ammo, 1.5 tile blast, 1 turn KO


Brain-Damaged Master Hacker, ex-robin hood and bank robber.

  • Skills: Hacking 2 (Disable Security)
  • Augment: Open visible doors via nearby consoles, costing 1AP for normal and Security, or fullAP for vaults. Console is disabled for 2 turns at the end of the turn, and locked doors close automatically.
  • Weapon: Paralyzer Dart, 3KO, can be thrown or used on sleeping guards to increase KO.


Master of disguise, runs confidence tricks and has been hiding for years

  • Skills: none
  • Augment: Disguise as heavy guard, lowers maxAP by 2 for each turn used. AP restored by 1 per turn not used. Dosn't break in close-range.
  • Gadget: LAR Pistol, temporarily KO an ally at range with the ability to wake them up remotely and without medgel
  • Gadget: Copycard - Can be turned into a duplicate of a security card of any level that's held by another unit

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